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Melissa Thomas


Voice over

Photo credit: Nicolas Larsonneau


Photo credit: Nicolas Larsonneau


Trained and graduated from the CRR Conservatory in Poitiers (France), I have since taken part in numerous theatrical and audiovisual projects for almost eighteen years.

Juggling between acting, staging and transmission, I have always been keen to participate in collaborative, collective and multidisciplinary creations.

Each project brought me more than I would have hoped for and gave me the desire to transmit again, and to discover, always.

Having worked on many creations where the word, the voice, the text alone formed a body; where the "score" of a writing took on its full meaning; where the vocal organ unveiled its multiple identities, I naturally moved towards voiceover and dubbing, which had attracted me for a long time. The world of the voice represents to my senses everything that is most mysterious, exciting and polymorphous.

Good vocal and creative work is done in sharing and good humor. We search together, we crash together, we laugh together, we release the "great, that's what we want!", Together.

It is with all these parameters that I like to work and it is with all these equations that I will be happy to give my voice to your projects. See you soon!


Voice presentation

Here is a record based on a theatrical text by Fabrice Melquiot. A text with multiple voices, a polymorphic text, a vocally hybrid text ...

Texte multi personnages
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